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About Me

Catherine has more than a decade of experience in the college admissions field. She has an in-depth understanding of both how applications are evaluated and of the personal and intellectual qualities admissions officers are seeking in successful applicants.
Over the years, Catherine has provided a great variety of student support: high school four-year planning, college admissions counseling, essay brainstorming and revision, group presentations to students and parents, and individual academic, social, and personal counseling.

As a parent, with twin daughters who are sophomores in college and a son who graduated from college in May 2013, she brings a wealth of personal experience and compassion to her work with students and their families.

Catherine is actively involved in the community and volunteers her time and expertise to a number of local charities, including:

Additionally, Catherine has made small group presentations on high school four-year planning, résumés, admissions interview skills, and the college search process. She happily presents information sessions on “Selective College Admissions” at Admissions Case Studies, College Information Nights, and College Fairs. I am an active member of a number of professional associations and participate in regular meetings with my colleagues to ensure that I am up to date on all of the developments in the college application process.

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