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Success Stories

I believe that the needs of the student should always be at the core of the college application process – no me, not parents, not college rankings. I've learned that the single best way to ensure a student's success in the application process is to encourage and allow them to take ownership of their individual college search. In order to maximize their chance of success, I work with my students to genuinely explore where they want to go, what they hope to accomplish, and why they are going to college.

In a world where "college fit" is seen as the ultimate goal, I hope to guide students to a campus where they will not just "fit" but where they will also be challenged to grow and evolve. My goal is to match students with schools where they will feel both a sense of belonging and an opportunity to transform themselves.

Guiding students through their college search and applications is a great privilege. It requires an understanding of both the art and the science of college admissions as well as the experience to put that knowledge to work for the benefit of my students.